The September 2019 issue is the first part of a two volume showcase that delves into the unusual magic of forms, colours and geometry, as seen by Naoya Takahashi, Natalie Christensen, David Ingraham, Joana P Cardozo, Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Nuno Perestrelo, Anil Risal Singh, José Luis Barcia Fernández and Ajay Salvi.

Gear Guide
-Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 GM: 
Excellent sharpness and beautiful bokeh, even at wide aperture
-Godox V1: An affordable, feature-rich, round head flashgun
-Vanguard Veo Select 49: A versatile, stylish game-changing camera bag

Cellphone Photography
-Cellphone Profile: Richard Koci Hernandez—The enigma surrounding Koci’s mysterious hatted figures

Better Pictures
-Shooting Technique: The Unusual Magic of Forms, Colours & Geometry—Nine exceptional photographers share their methods and insights to creating stunning graphical work.

-Story behind the Picture: The Documenter of Vanishing Wonders