December 2019


The December 2019 issue of Better Photography features the work of photographer Debshuddho who presents a haunting vision of human habitation on the rapidly shrinking islands of the Sunderbans. It also includes  a grand showcase of The Panasonic Better Photography Wedding Video Awards 2019.

Gear Guide
Sony A7R IV: The world’s highest resolution full frame camera tested.

Cellphone Photography
-Motorola OneMacro: A budget phone for macro photographers
-Motorola MotoG8 Plus: A mixed bag of features vs. performance.
-Cellphone Profile: Dina Alfasi—serene portraits of strangers she encounters on her daily commute.

-Special Feature: Panasonic BP Wedding Video Awards 2019—Top Six Nominees
-Special Feature: BP Wedding Videography Symposium
-Special Feature: Panasonic BP Wedding Video Awards 2019—Awards Showcase
-Special Feature: Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa 2019
-Story behind the Picture: The Roar that Defined Hollywood