In the September 2018 issue, we look at photography collectives and how they have been reshaping the way we see and think about images.

Gear Guide
-Sony Alpha 7R III: 
One of the most versatile full frame cameras yet
-Canon EOS 1500D: An entry-level DSLR for hobbyists and bloggers
-Fujifilm X-T100: How does Fuji’s newest mirrorless offering fare?
-Vanguard Alta Fly 55T: A durable solution to your long-drawn travel woes

Cellphone Photography
-Cellphone Tests: 
Vivo NEX—The flagship with a ‘pop-up’ camera module
-Cellphone Tests: Mobiistar XQ Dual—Dual selfie cameras on a budget smartphone
-Cellphone Profile: Atul Hundoo—Observing the common and uncommon through Atul Hundoo’s lyrical eyes

Better Pictures
-Cover Story: 
Collective Seeing—An exploration of unique collectives that are changing the way photography is consumed

-Profile: Ira Block—His relentless pursuit towards understanding people & their culture
-Special Feature: A Himalayan Sojourn—Driving Audi Quattros through the toughest terrain on the planet
-Story behind the Picture: The Unwavering Enigma of Billy the Kid