In the March 2018 issue, we briefly explore the rich history of photography, going all the way back to 1027, and how much it has progressed till the year 1975.

Gear Guide
-Leica Q (Typ 116): 
Could this first-of-a-kind for Leica be the harbinger of things to come?
-Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III: The third iteration of Canon’s powerful APS-C compact performer
-Fujinon XF90mm f/2 R LM WR: A fine classical portrait lens that distinctively extends the X-mount line-up

Cellphone Photography
-Cellphone Tests: 
Comio P1—How does the new budget phone fare on BP’s test bench
-Cellphone Profile: Marina Sersale—On revealing the alternate reality that exists in the everyday imperceptible moments

Better Pictures
-Through the Looking Glass: A brief history of photography from 1027 to 1975

-Special Feature: Canon BP WPOY 2017-18 Awards: Image Category Nominees—A showcase of the top six category nominees
-Great Masters: Ansel Adams—A photographer’s documentation of the unjust detainment of Japanese Americans
-Story behind the Picture: The Ultimate Symbol of Protest