In the March 2016 issue of the magazine, we show you some of the most creative and unique ways to shoot self portraiture.

Gear Guide
– Canon EOS M10: The M goes (even) more consumer friendly
– Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000: Is this superzoom compact still relevant today?
– Sigma 150–600mm f/5-6.3: Sports a surprising price tag

Cellphone Photography
– Asus ZenFone Zoom: Does 3x zoom camera work as a fair selling point?
– Photography for Change: How images and social media have changed the face of activism
– Elif Gulen explores the lively streets of Istanbul and captures isolated moments

March 2016

March 2016

Better Pictures
– This is an Ode to Yourself: Exploring the whys behind self portraiture
– Iconic Self Portraits: 13 exemplary image makers share their views on self portraiture

– Olivier Culmann explores the representation of the Indian man
– Sunil Gupta on his battles with identity, sexuality and his illness
– The Beginnings of Self Portraiture: Some of the most significant self portraits created in history