In the January 2017 issue we ask 10 iconic photographers to give us their take on what photography is.

Gear Guide
-Sony RX 1 R II: 
The only full frame compact in the world gets an upgrade
-Fuji filmX-Pro2: We review the rangefinder flagship’s second iteration
-Sony A6300: Small with blazing fast AF, Sony’s top- of- the- line APS-C ILC tested
-Pentax-D FA 24–70mm f/2.8ED SDM WR: A worthy workhorse proves itself

Cellphone Photography
-Google Pixel: 
Stellar image quality from Google’s first foray into the cellphone sector
-Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The best phone to come from Samsung
-Kenko Lenses: Fun accessories to breathe new life in your cellphone photography
-Cellphone Profile: Gwen Coyne—Evocative snippets of her daughter’s fantastical childhood

Better Pictures
-Special Feature: Through Their Eyes—Offbeat, noteworthy quotes on photography by famous people
-Shooting Technique: What is Photography?—10 iconic imagemakers present us with their exclusive outlook on the question: Richard Koci Hernandez, Q. Sakamaki, Roger Ballen, Laura Letinsky, Jyoti Bhatt, Karen Knorr, Rajesh Bedi, Vincent Peters, Anna Fox, Sunil Gupta, Arko Datta

-Announcing the Nominees of WPOY 2016 -17
-Profile: Michael Chávez—A Peruvian journey of his self-discovery
-A Vignette of Thoughts: The Need for a Visual Diary—Jamie Livingston’s Photo of the Day series
-Story behind the Picture: Into the Jaws of Death