In the February 2017 issue, we trace the history of colour photography by looking at the work of some of the most iconic photographers of the medium.

Gear Guide
-Canon EOS M5: 
Canon gets the M series right.
-Sony RX 100 Mark V: Does the fifth iteration live up to its lineage?
-Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art: The standard portrait lens of the purest gets a true ‘Art’ makeover

Cellphone Photography
-HTC Desire 10 Pro: 
A mid-range phone with premium desiggn and flagship features.
-OnePlus 3T: Do we need the inbetween?
-Vivo V5: The newest entrant to the selfie camera club
-Cellphone Profile: José Luis Barcia Fernandez—His ruminations on light and shadow

Better Pictures
-Cover Story: Saul Leiter—Rewriting the annals of the history of colour photography
Bruce Wrighton—Quiet portraits of a small town in the US
William Eggleston—Reimagining colour while being at war with the obvious

-Chobi Mela IX: Talks, exhibits, discussions… everything you can look forward to at the festival
-WPOY Showcase: Revealing the six category winners
-Story behind the Picture: The first photograph of an airplane in flight