The Young Turks on the Frame The Star Turf

Raj and Kashish  (2)

Raj and Kashish Photograph/ Prasad Np

On the final day of Chikmagalur round of Frame The Star face-off Prasad Np catches up with 4 of the youngest contestants and takes us through the raw energy and talent these young photographers bring.

The final day of the Chikmagalur round introduced me to four of the youngest contestants of the face-off. All the contestants of the day, Zishaan Latif, Raj Lalwani, Kevin Nunes and Kashish Parpiani joined us in the 500 acres of coffee plantations which we are staying at Chikmagalur.
They’re all in their early to late twenties and are the youngest bunch to compete. But don’t go by their age, all four already have some amazing work and highly prestigious awards in their portfolio.

These young Mumbai photographers are known to each other, yet have very different styles and approaches to photography.

My day started with meeting Kashish and Raj as they were planning to go in the hills in search of the perfect spot to click pictures of Mercedes-Benz CLA 200. While Kashish went ahead towards the scenic Kudremukh ( Kudre= Horse, Mukh= Face ) National Park almost 50 KM away, I joined Raj in search of that perfect picture that showcases the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 as a means to discover the charms of Chikmagalur.
Just before they left, I requested them to pose with the Mercedes and you can see the results here. In the meantime, Zishaan and Kevin were busy discovering the zing bang or all kind of gadgetry that the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 offers. The joy of discovering all the buttons and clicking them to showcase the functionality and the design elements of the car were clearly visible on Zishaan’s face.
Raj who is not passionate about cars and has never done any kind of automobile photography, on the other hand, was more keen to portray how a car is a means to discover a place. So he decided to go to some small unknown places in Chikmagalur and interact with the locals, and maybe include some of them in his pictures to create a fascinating series that goes beyond just portraying a machine.
Kevin who does a lot of work for Bollywood was wondering how he can get a different shot of the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 but still include the pool. So he tried something different to frame the star, after all it all about being different in both Bollywood and photography.

Kevin experiments with reflections  Photograph/ Prasad Np

Kevin experiments with reflections Photograph/ Prasad Np

I really enjoyed interacting with these young Turks of photography and though they come from the same city and share the same passion, their treatment and presentation of the subject turned out to be totally different. Is that not what creativity is all about? While most of folks see the exactly same thing an artist looks at a subject in his own unique way that not only reveals a different aspect of the subject to photographer but those who look at the final image also go “WOW”. And there, in my opinion, lies the success of an artist.

But would these young Turks be able to impress the judges? Will they reach the finals? Well, that remains to be seen, and we will soon find out. Keep watching this place for more behind the scenes.


Prasad Np is a passionate photographer who enjoys photographing people, wildlife, and travel. He is the author of the travel and photography blog called desi Traveler. You can connect with him on his Facebook page called desi Traveler and on twitter @desiTraveler

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