Going that Extra Mile for A Unique Picture

Photograph/ Prasad Np

Photograph/ Prasad Np

Our three finalists continue on their quest for that ultimate picture of the Mercedes-Benz CLA and take some lonely but scenic routes to Naldehra in Himachal. Read further as Prasad Np aka desi Traveler takes us on the journey with Raju A K.

It is not easy to click a picture of a subject that you have clicked a hundred times already. As in the earlier rounds our three finalists have taken 100s of pictures of the Mercedes Benz CLA 200, they are now always looking for unique picture that will leave the viewer and judges with a single expression: WOW. I joined Raju A K today morning on our road trip. We started from Park Plaza in Zirakpur and our destination was The Chalets, Naldehra. We decided not to take the highway to Simla and Naldehra but to bypass all the traffic and take the scenic but a bit dangerous road via a small town called Subathu from Dharampur.  Just a few minutes on the road we were all smiles as there was hardly any traffic on the road except for the occasional truck, but not including shepherd you meet and chat on the way.

If you have read my post about Chikmagalur you will remember how everyday we got up early morning and drove to more than 40 KM in search of the elusive mist. But here on the interior road of Himachal we were greeted by mist on almost every bend and the car, the peaks and the pine trees around us were all soaked in magical mist and every now and then sun rays succeeded in penetrating the dense cloak of mist and caressed the raindrops on the roof of the CLA. Giving us ample opportunities to click the CLA as it played hide and seek in the fleeting sunrays.

But one unexpected guest that we saw was a snail that Raju clicked as it was crawling next to the 3 pointed star of the CLA. From framing the star we were here at Framing the Snail with the Star.   After clicking the snail we gently placed him in the dense undergrowth so that he could continue his journey as we continued on ours towards Naldehra. As we reached Naldehra after bypassing the overcrowded Simla we were greeted by a mesmerising Rainbow  and the heavens opened up making way for a glorious sunset behind the Deodar trees.

I am looking forward to spend next two days with Altaf, Raju and Kevin and will keep you posted on the developments, keep watching this space as i take you behind the scenes at the Frame the Star face off, final round in the Golf town of Naldehra in Himachal Pradesh.


Prasad Np is a passionate photographer who enjoys photographing people, wildlife, and travel. He is the author of the travel and photography blog called desi Traveler.  You can connect with him on his Facebook page called desi Traveler and on twitter @desiTraveler 

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