From Jaipur to Chikmagalur—The Journey Ahead


Lijo Pathilchira puts the final exclamation mark on the Jaipur trip and paves the way for the journey at Chikmagalur.

Now that the Jaipur trip is over and I’m back home, I finally get to relax. However, to properly rest the events of Jaipur and transition to Chikmagalur, I spoke to Aman Bhutani and Abhijit Paul. Aman belonged to the second group of photographers while Abhijit belonged to the last. I spoke to them at length about their respective shoots and about their experiences. I also got an insight into what they were able to take away from all this. So before we head on to Chikmagalur for the second leg of the competition, let’s take a final look at the Jaipur trip through the eyes of two of its competitors.

Aman’s day began early on the day of the shoot, as he decided to check Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal off his list. The weather conditions were unsavory, which made it difficult to shoot. In an attempt to one up nature, Aman headed for higher ground. That is how he managed to reach the top of Nahargarh Fort. After he was finished with the ancient backdrops of the pink city, he decided to try something modern and headed to the Trident. This luxury hotel served as the perfect location to shoot the Mercedes-Benz CLA. The aesthetic design of the CLA matched well with the elegant architecture of the Trident and Aman was able to get some great shots out of it. He was also able to shoot some elephants with the CLA at Hathi gaon.

After returning to Narain Niwas, Aman chose to stay there and shoot while the others headed outdoors. In an attempt to do something new with the place, Aman decided to literally move things around. Through his determination, and a little help from the hotel staff, he was able to move the heavy canons near the entrance for his shoot. I wonder why no one else thought of that. He later headed out to Castle Kanota to finish his shoot there.

Abhijit decided to start things off early as well, a lot earlier than the others I might add. Since he was new to the city, he decided to come two days prior to his schedule. That too on his own dime I might add. He took things to a whole new level by booking Amer fort and two models to go along with him. Now that’s what you call passion. So early in the morning he headed to his predestined location with Mr. Jaipur and another female model and dressed them in authentic Rajasthani garbs for the shoot. He had really planned everything down to a t. Not content with what he had he decided to hire the musicians and elephants inside the fort as well. Now here is a man who takes his craft very seriously.

When I spoke to these gentlemen about their experiences they had some good things to say about the whole affair. Aman was particularly impressed with the hospitality and readiness of the crew. He also discussed at great length with his colleagues about light painting and other photographic techniques. It’s not every day you get to discuss your passion with a bunch of equally passionate individuals. Abhijit too was blown away by the caliber of people he met during the course of this competition. Since photography is more of a passion and less of a profession for these gentlemen, this was indeed a rare opportunity. Sadly the trip has ended and everyone is back to their day jobs, including me.

However, a new group of photographers are waiting to begin their adventure in Chikmagalur. While staying at the majestic Villa Urvinkhan, they will go through similar experiences and will hopefully be able to learn something new from all this. Here’s hoping that they have as much fun out of it as we did at Jaipur. After all, that’s the whole point of this exercise. And if you get to drive home in a Mercedes-Benz CLA at the end of it, then there’s nothing like it.

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