Framing the Star with Perfection…



Nrupen Madhvani and his green Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Nrupen Madhvani and his green Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Photograph/Sakshi Parikh

On the second day of the Mumbai leg of Frame the Star, Sakshi Parikh spends the day with photographer Nrupen Madhvani and witnesses a mastermind at work. 

Getting the shadow Nrupen Madhvani, who is known as one of the finest commercial photographers in India, as he shoots for Frame the Star was quite the opportunity. As we set up the time and the place to begin the shoot, I was beyond excited at the experience I was about to have.

Our day began at 6am, and as we loaded the boot with his gear and set off on this journey, I will always remember that beginning as a fangirl moment. Being meticulous would be an understatement to describe Nrupen. The minute we settled into the car, he handed me a printed list of the shots he had in mind, along with the probability of it happening, and in the order that he wanted to shoot.

We reached Chaityabhoomi at Shivaji Park, where Nrupen had planned to photograph the gorgeous green Mercedes-Benz A-Class by the replica of Sanchi gate and Ashoka pillar. As he began shooting, it obviously started to pour but his technique and approach towards photography made getting drenched worth it. I was very happy to simply witness the magic happen.

After Dadar, we went around Worli Seaface briefly pausing at Mahalaxmi Race Course. There, he requested a kid to play in the rain as he composed an image of the car splashing water on him. After 5-6 takes, the final image gave us two results—a completely drenched, giggly, kid and an ecstatic Nrupen.

We went all the way to the Banganga tank in Walkeshwar, in the tiny bylanes of that area, shooting. If he was extremely happy with the shot, he would excitedly whisper,”You saw that? This is it! I am so happy I got the one!”. While driving from destination to other, I observed him as he happily checked off the shots from the list.

My day with Nrupen taught me several things. One, patience is the key. Two, never settle for an ‘okay’ shot. Three, do not hold back your happiness when you get the perfect picture. And lastly, with great experience, comes greater responsibility.

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