Frame the Star: Shooting a Mercedes-Benz

Photograph/Suresh Naryanan

Photograph/Suresh Narayanan

As the finale of Frame the Star takes place in Pune, OVERDRIVE’s Suresh Narayanan reflects on what it means to photograph a Mercedes-Benz.

Any Mercedes-Benz car is unlike any other. It is a statement, it is a symbol. It is a symbol of luxury! It is a symbol of aristocracy. A keen eye for a Mercedes-Benz should just come from within. Each and every piece of metal on a Mercedes-Benz is an example of the perfect intersection between art and engineering. Normally, artists and engineers rarely agree with each other. But, when they do, a masterpiece like the Mercedes-Benz comes into being. It is an exercise in artistic excellence and engineering marvel.

Photograph/Suresh Narayanan

Photograph/Suresh Narayanan

Photography too is the perfect marriage between art and engineering, isn’t it? Every time you frame any detail on Mercedes-Benz, you see a piece of art. When you drive it, you find the artist in the engineer. The visual and virtual lines on a Mercedes-Benz are elements that enhance the elegance and are never loud. It is easy to frame this car because wherever you place it, it automatically becomes the point of interest. And, the difficult part is to find a suitable place for Mercedes Benz.

Remember, their slogan is,The Best or Nothing. A visit to Stuttgart, Germany, the birth place of Mercedes-Benz will ensure your admiration for this splendid car.

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