Yellow Streaks


I recently bought an f/1.4 lens. But while shooting indoors, there is a yellow band of light across my photos. I don’t face the issue with my old kit lens. Help.
Aastha Gulrajani, Ahmedabad, via email

Assuming that you usually use ISO 800 indoors, a kit lens may make you shoot at 1/60sec, while a fast lens will probably let you shoot the same scene at 1/1000sec! However, a lot of us forget that artificial light sources, especially tubelights, often flicker. It’s this flicker that gets caught as a coloured band of light across the frame. Avoid using a shutterspeed faster than 1/100sec if you are in a room that’s prone to light flicker.

This article originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of Better Photography.

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