Yellow Indoor Photos


Recently, while shooting at a restaurant, I realised that my photos looked predominantly yellow. Why was this happening?
Ayesha Khan, Mumbai, via email

In most interior locations, tungsten lighting is used. This light is predominantly warm or yellow. The human eye compensates for the overly warm tones and hence, we do not notice it till we make a picture. To counteract this warm lighting, what you need to do is navigate to the White Balance settings of your cameras. White Balance is nothing but an option that helps you make the colour white look white in a particular lighting situation. This option further has presets that cool down or warm up the tones of an image. So,in a warm lighting situation, you can use the Tungsten preset to get well-balanced colours. Conversely, in situations with cool hues such as shadowed areas, you can use Shade to warm up the tones.

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