Winner and Nominees of the World Press Photo Interactive of the Year | World Press Photo 2021


Here is a look at the films from the 64th edition of the awards.

Winner: Holly Bailey/The Washington Post and Matt Daniels, Amelia Wattenberger/The Pudding

Reconstructing Seven Days of Protests in Minneapolis After George Floyd’s Death: It provides a full picture of the first week of protests in Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. An unprecedented use of user-generated content, which combines and maps out 147 live stream videos, Reconstructing Seven Days of Protests in Minneapolis After George Floyd’s Death presents a thorough overview of the protests, and acts as an archive of a time of international reckoning on issues of race, police brutality and social justice.

Nominees of the World Press Photo Interactive of the Year 2021

Barret Cooperativa / Lab RTVE / À Punt Mèdia

Birth in the 21st Century: It is an interactive documentary that follows the stories of five women during their pregnancy and childbirth, before and during the coronavirus pandemic. The experience invites the viewer inside the delivery room of the Hospital Universitario de La Plana, in Villarreal, Spain, where a team of midwives specialized in humanizing birth support women through childbirth in a way that is designed and developed with a deep respect for their bodies, their babies, and their rights. Participatory elements, such as an interactive birth plan, render Birth in the 21st Century an educational tool that offers vital insight into contemporary birth practices.

Benas Gerdziunas/Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT)

Ukraine: Grey Zone: It is an immersive three-part interactive story that gives the account of a cluster of mining communities divided by war in eastern Ukraine. Many locals back the Russian-led separatists, while others fight for Ukraine on the frontlines. As soldiers share houses with local families, whose children attend schools just meters from the trenches, the distinction between civilians and the military fades. With the war entering its seventh year, some children have spent their entire lives under shelling. Through a combination of audio and visual elements, Ukraine: Grey Zone explores the lives of those who live, those who fight, and those who fought, in the so-called Grey Zone.


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