Which Gear You Should Invest In?


Cellphone cameras are becoming quite sophisticated and are competing with DSLRs in the market. What kind of gear would you advise a photographer to invest in?

Answer by: Vinod Babu Venkapalli, Photographer

Photo gear is very subjective and depends a lot on the person choosing it. We, as photographers, need to ask ourselves basic questions before starting any body of work. Be it choosing between a film or digital camera, a zoom or a prime lens, or between a medium format or 35mm, we need to look at how these mediums would help us visually convey the story we want to tell.

With regards to cellphones, I have been shooting on an iPhone for the past three years, and I like how a finger swipe on the locked homepage can launch the camera. Being a street photographer, I have always loved chasing moments that may or may not be repeated, and my cellphone camera has never failed me.

Even today, if something is happening in front of my eyes—even though I have my camera—my hands automatically reach for my iPhone. However, for serious bodies of work, I use my digital camera. In my case, it was a nocturnal project that required a heavy flash. If I had used my cellphone, I would have lost out on details. Well, that is a story for another time.