What’s In Your Bag: The Simplest Kit to Have


Sooni Taraporevala is a Mumbai-based photographer and an internationally renowed filmmaker. While she has shot on both film and digital, she speaks about the camera she usually carries along with her.

The simplest kit to have is the one that is always with me. I enjoy shooting on the cellphone, and I love the fact that I can share my images with the world over.


1. The Joy of Instagram
I started photography in the days when the only way you could share photos was through exhibitions or books. It was all very exclusive and difficult then, so I love this new world where I can share my photos instantly.

2. Privacy at Your Fingertips
Having the ability to share photos instantly also brings along with it privacy concerns. However, Instagram allows me to choose who will view my photos, which is very useful.

3. Everything is a Subject
You do not need to limit your subjects to only photos of your friends. My photos include those of my family members, pets, people I meet on the street, behind-the-scenes stills from exhibitions, nature and so on.

4. The Square Format
I love the square format and have worked with it very often. While making photos on the cellphone, I shoot using the iPhone and crop later. There are practically no challenges.

5. Boosting Contrast
While the app has a variety of filters, I find myself using the contrast setting more often. Very often I use no filters, sometimes I do, and the choice of filters depends on each image.

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