What is The Perfect Picture?


Sometimes, I view a spectacular photograph that speaks to me. However, it may not be technically correct. On the other hand, I may see a perfectly composed photograph that might not appeal to me, perhaps due to the subject matter. This has led me to wonder, what defines the perfect photograph? Amruta Joshi, Mumbai

In reality, there is no perfect photograph and there is no certain formula for it. Getting the technicalities right is always an advantage. You need to know exactly what to do in various situations. Also, you are able to shoot faster.

The rules of photography have been established over time, from studying what the eye is easily drawn to and also from the aesthetic of paintings. However, photography, as any other art form is subjective.

A photograph can be perfectly composed, exposed and printed to all the conventions of photography, it may still not be perfect to everyone as we all perceive the world differently.

To achieve the perfect picture, it has to be perfect to you. A technically perfect image is not a substitute for an image that does not evoke anything in the viewer.

Technical education enables you to experiment with the rules, break them and see how far the medium can be pushed. Only through due diligence will you improve your photography. Practising it religiously will lead you to understand what makes a good photograph.