What is in a Name?


Recently, I was giving certain images to a few friends of mine. In order to ensure that the images did not get mixed up and to ensure due credit, I wanted to rename the images. However, these were 100 odd images and manually renaming them got tedious. I also wished to retain the original file names. Can you tell how I could do this?
Dharmesh Adhikary, Goa, via email

If you simply wish to rename your images, then you can select them all in the Explorer window, right click and then choose Rename from the dropdown menu. The name that you type in will be given to all the images in the folder.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep the original filenames intact then you can use software like Irfanview. Go to File > Batch Conversion/Rename. Once the Batch Conversion window opens, navigate to your desired folder and click on Add All. Under the Output Directory option, select a location to save the images. Then, under the Work As section, choose Batch Rename. Click on Set Rename Options under Batch Rename settings and choose a renaming format such as $N_#### where “$N” will retain the old file name while “_” acts as a separator and “####” is for a four-digit number. So, the resulting filename would be “Card_0001”.

Tags: April 2015, file name, IrfanView