What Constitutes Good Photography?


There are so many contradictory opinions today on what constitutes good photography. What/who do I follow?

Answer by: Indranil Mukherjee, Photojournalist

Opinions were always there and will always be there. However, the important thing to do is to follow your heart, and select your genre and idol/ guru. Then, follow the work of these selected photographers.

Instead of being influenced by seasoned pros, across all genres, you should be confident about what your calling is. If in doubt, make an effort to reach out to some senior professionals who would be willing to lend a patient ear, to try and sort your doubts.

Moreover, you need to ask yourself, and eventually choose whether you’d like to pursue photography as a hobby or as a profession. If it’s a hobby, then your job will be much easier, as you have time and money on your side. If you plan to take up or continue photography as a profession, then you should thoroughly think about what would make you stand out among the masses. Today, everybody has a good camera, and the latest software to enhance their photographs. Also, phone cameras have become advanced with multiple options, tempting you to use filters to make your photographs look good. However, remember that you are the only person who stands to lose by following such shortcuts. Learn to put in effort and time behind each image that you shoot. At times, it may seem frustrating, but the experiences you gather will stand you in good stead.

A few years from now, the industry will have overabundant photography enthusiasts. So you need to out-think your contemporaries, both in terms of your work and business acumen.

Be true to yourself and your photography. Remember that there are no shortcuts to good work. Begin with the good old fashioned techniques and rules of photography, and implement them with today’s equipment. Despite the digital revolution that photography has undergone, the rules of the game haven’t changed much.