Tips For Photoessays


I am presenting a photoessay I’ve worked on, in the form of a slideshow. Are there any specific things I must follow?
Raksha Shah, Ahmedabad, via email

This article was originally in March 2015.

Choose your images keeping the slideshow medium in mind. For example, remember that unlike in a book, you can’t really play with two images, side by side, interacting with each other. In a slideshow, it’s one image at a time, for a few (or several) seconds, and then it’s the next. So the impact must be there on its own. The flow must be decided accordingly.

Each image can be timed differently on the basis of the required impact, but if this duration varies wildly, that itself can be a distraction. Keep transitions to a minimum, maybe a simple fade… allow the picture to talk. Finally, choose the sound and music carefully and try to time the transition of one image to another, to the beat of the music.

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