Tip of the Week: Wrong Move? Or the Right One?


You do not necessarily need to apply the ‘right’ White Balance setting to every frame. What happens when you apply the ‘wrong’ setting deliberately? You will find that you can create all sorts of effects right inside your camera. The next time you go out to shoot in broad daylight, switch to Incandescent WB and underexpose the image by a stop or two. You will be amazed to see a daytime scene turn into a nighttime one!

Use the Cloudy or Shade preset to further warm up images taken in sunlight. You will end up with strong, golden hues. On the other hand, the Fluorescent preset can transform the orange colours of a sunset to soft, purple tones while the Shade setting can further enhance and dramatise the reds. Similarly, you can use the Incandescent setting to make snow, rain or even the sea look a surreal blue.

Photograph/Manish Shrivastava