Tip of the Week: Making Use of Changing Light


Photograph/Krupali Raiyani

During the rainy season, the light can either fascinate and inspire you or it could do just the opposite—frustrate and annoy. From the time the clouds begin to gather, to the actual rain and the time beyond, the quality of light changes multiple times.

Mornings can be dark and moody with grey tones, but there is still a chance of sudden bursts of sunlight from time to time. You may notice orange or even pink hues in the sky during sunset. Also, since the colour blue reminds us of water, the blue tones of twilight are a great time to photograph rain.

Apart from natural light, try to notice the other sources of light that you can use. Raindrops are best visible when shooting against the light, and so, you can try making an image of rain falling against a street lamp or a car’s headlight.