The Three Minute Exhibit: Zahra Amiruddin


A look at Zahra’s Amiruddin‘s delicate explorations of Bombay’s waters.

Nature is transformed in Zahra Amiruddin’s photographs, taking on a whimsical and serene character. All at once they are expansive, exact and detailed; roaring and also muted. But it is the sea that continues to arouse, enliven and electrify Zahra, her greatest muse. “I am the sea”, she reminds herself on difficult days, as she stands next to its waters and breathes in its undulating comfort. We’ll See The Sea Again is a body of work that she put together for this edition of The Three Minute Exhibit. This is what she has to say about it… “It’s funny how we’re missing the cities that we’re living in. I wish I was basking in Bombay’s Bombayness, navigating through its streets, to the sea, the sea, the sea. 50 days (since), 5.1km away, we’ll see the sea again.”

Tags: Nature, portraits, Street Photography, better photography, sea, documentary photography, Black and White photography, bombay, Zahra Amiruddin, The Three Minute