The Three Minute Exhibit: Vani Vemparala


A look at Vani Vemparala‘s documentative and snapshot-like photographs of beaches in Chennai.

The beach is a wonderful place to observe. It is the place where people come not just to relax and while away time but to spectate and perhaps to briefly revel, find comfort or even gaze at the entire gamut of idiosyncrasies of the human condition. Vani Vemparala is one such spectator whose photographs highlight the everyday quirks at the beach in a way that is documentative while also harboring a snapshot-like quality. For the last seven years, she has been frequenting the beaches in Chennai and chronicling its vast expanse of contrasts. A self-taught photographer, Vani is a scientist by profession, and works on problems in Theoretical Physics.


Tags: Street Photography, better photography, Documentary, Chennai, beaches, Snapshots, The Three Minute Exhibit, Vani Vemparala