The Three Minute Exhibit: Paromita Chatterjee


Paromita Chatterjee looks back at the time she spent with her ailing mother before she passed away.

Paromita Chatterjee’s photographs are a tender reflection of the moments she witnessed of her then ailing mother. The pictures are emblematic of much more than just remembrance. Putting them together was her way of confronting what she had suppressed or as Paromita puts it, “catching up with old friends”, referring to the flurry of emotions that greet her every now and then. Grief is, after all, a long-term project. The pain that it stabs you with can neither be slowed down, speeded up or fixed. “I will pay my homage to every last muffled sob or exasperated gasp I felt along the way. Sitting with my stories, I will find a path to heal,” she says.

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