The Three Minute Exhibit: Nupur Kulkarni


Nupur Kulkarni reminisces about the time she spent with her mother in Benaras, a few months before she passed away. 

Memories are unstable. They take off when you’re unaware and make a comeback when you least expect it. They’re known to switch their temperament too—it is possible to experience elation and profound grief with the same memory. Memories are also inextricably linked to places. Even with the passing of time, our past encounters remain suspended in its fabric. Nupur Kulkarni’s photographs of Benares, a place that is tied to the memories of a trip that she took with her mother, shortly before her demise, evoke a concoction of melancholy, solitude and longing. She says, “During one of our walks by the river, mom said to me, “I will make a quick exit.” I was mad at her for saying this. A few months later, I watched her go right in front of my eyes. I have, since then, befriended grief. We co-exist in one body, and yet, I want nothing to do with it.”    

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