The Three Minute Exhibit: Eugène Atget


A look at the eternal photographs of Eugène Atget, a pioneer of documentary photography and preserver of Old Paris, its architecture, streets and people.

In our pursuit towards understanding the medium, we forget to look at the very things (photographs) that make photography what it is. We forget that most of the answers we seek lie embedded in the fabric of pictures, waiting to be discovered.

To nudge you in this direction, Better Photography will be introducing a series of videos called The Three Minute Exhibit that will appear every week, on a Saturday. Just as you would visit a gallery and look at photographs, these videos are an attempt to enable you to spend some time, perhaps in silence, looking at pictures curated by us.

We hope that through this endeavour you not only discover new work, but also inculcate the habit of looking, observing and ultimately understanding photographs.

Tags: Street Photography, better photography, architecture, documentary photography, Paris, Eugene Atget, The Three Minute Exhibit