The Selfiest City of Them All!

Better Photography's Selfie Brigade. Clockwise from the top left: Aditya Nair, Amabarin Afsar, Supriya Joshi, Shridhar Kunte and K Madhavan Pillai, Natasha Desai and Conchita Fernandes

Better Photography’s Selfie Brigade. Clockwise from the top left: Aditya Nair, Ambarin Afsar, Supriya Joshi, Shridhar Kunte with K Madhavan Pillai, Natasha Desai and Conchita Fernandes

As much as you might hate the ‘selfie’ you can’t possibly ignore it. It was the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year, and celebrity selfies regularly garner millions of likes and views. The selfie has gained so much gravitas that a few months ago, TIME magazine went a step further into understanding this phenomenon (at least, in the geographic sense) by releasing a list of the top 10 selfiest cities in the world!

And do you know which city took the crown? It is not one of the fashion capitals of the world, nor is a western city as you would probably expect, but a city in the Philippines—Makati City—also known as the financial center of the country.

The team over at TIME magazine analysed 4,00,00 selfies from Instagram over the course of 24 hours each day for two five-day periods in 2014. All images tagged with ‘selfie’ and containing geotags during 28 January–2 February and 3 March–7 March were considered. For every city that had at least 2,50,000 citizens, the number of selfies taken in a radius of roughly 8km (5 miles) was divided by the population of the city, this led to the number of selfies per capita for that city.

Makati City with 5,00,000 residents had a 258 selfie-takers among 1,00,000 people! Philippines and Malaysia make two appearances each on the list, and USA features three times (no surprises there).

Here is the list of the top 10 cities:

1. Makati City and Pasig, Philippines: 258 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
2. Manhanttan, USA: 202 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
3. Miami, USA: 155 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
4. Anaheim and Santa Ana, USA: 147 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
5. Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: 141 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
6. Tel Aviv, Israel: 139  selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
7. Manchester, England: 114  selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
8. Milan, Italy: 108 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
9. Cebu City, Philippines: 99 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.
10. George Town, Malaysia: 95 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people.

As for India, sadly we didn’t even make it to the top 100 list. Considering our smartphone penetration is at about 51 million users in the urban areas only, this is not much of a surprise.

New Delhi takes the title as the selfie capital of India with 25 selfie-takers per 1,00,00 people. And with a significant difference in numbers, Chandigarh comes in with 3 selfie-takers per 1,00,000 people after which comes Mumbai with 2 selfie-takers per 1,00,00 people. Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai stand at 1 selfie-taker per 1,00,000.

The only reason we can think of the gap between New Delhi and the rest of the cities, is perhaps our Prime Ministers penchant for the selfie. What do you think the reasons are? Let us know in the comments below!

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