The Humble Bus


Through the Window

During bus journeys, especially during long hauls, you get to see several unique sights. Take this opportunity to point your camera at the scenes outside the window. Anticipate and frame your shot. You can also shoot in Burst mode to capture the moments outside the bus. There are chances that you will be left with several motion blurs. But do not despair! You can create a very unusual series with a collection of these blurry photographs.

Buses are often scrawled with amusing messages, which can help you create witty juxtapositions. Photograph/Raj Lalwani

The Passengers

The best part about using the public transport system is just that—you get to be in close proximity to the public! You will encounter several kind of people from various walks of life. You can photograph the hapless passenger holding on for dear life in a packed bus, or the groups of people who choose to sit on the roof of the bus when no seats are available.

Bus stops often provide shelter to even those who do not travel by one, often providing funny results. Photograph/Saji Anthony

At the Bus Stop

You can find several photos even while you wait for a bus. The waiting area and the hustle and bustle that occurs when people are trying to buy tickets can provide great opportunities. You can also photograph the long winding lines of commuters as they wait for the bus to arrive. Capture the myriad of expressions on their faces—from impatience, to anger and annoyance.

The Highlight

Why not try photographing the bus itself? Make various frames of the bus from unique angles. You can even experiment with a fisheye lens for added effect. Before you begin your journey, you could also ask your copassengers to pose in front of the bus as well!

Sometimes buses break down. Capture the spirit of camaraderie in your fellow passengers with a quick snapshot. Photograph/Supriya Joshi

Be Vigilant

Do remember that there can be several miscreants who may have an eye on our gear. Be very smart about the way you travel with your equipment and make sure you are always aware of your surroundings.

Keep your equipment well concealed when you are not shooting. Also store your money in different places. Then, you can truly photograph with ease.