In a League of its Own


Nilofer Khan takes a look at the latest OPPO F17 Pro, which offers premium technology and will let you #FlauntItYourWay.

OPPO F17 Pro.

In the past decade, the evolution of cell phone cameras has been very significant in photography. We have gradually begun to be dependent on these tiny devices to capture our everyday moments. Today, whether it’s your first day at college, a night out with your new friends, your first birthday party at the office, or even a romantic getaway with your partner, you are likely to photograph these memories with your smartphone. So, when one thinks of investing in such a personal device, they ensure that the phone is perfect in every aspect. After all, it is a crucial investment, and it’s important that the device meets the expectations of the users. Since its genesis in 2004, OPPO has been promising this. The company has grown to become one of the strongest competitors in the market that offers state of the art phones, at great prices. OPPO ensures that their path-breaking technology, coupled with a classy, sleek design, delivers impeccable service and user experience. This tradition is now being carried forward by the recently launched OPPO F17 Pro.

An incredibly stylish device, the F17 Pro features six remarkable AI portraits cameras. On the rear, it includes an impressive set-up of quad cameras—a 48MP f/1.7 Samsung GM1ST main camera, an 8MP f/2.2 Hynix Hi846 wide angle camera, and two 2MP f/2.2 GalaxyCore GC02M1B Mono cameras. On the front, it houses the first-ever dual camera setup in the F series—a 16MP f/2.4 Sony IMX 471 camera and a 2MP f/2.5 GC02M1B depth sensor camera. Each of the cameras are quite marvellous and deliver spectacular images, akin to professional-looking studio portraits.

AI Colour Portrait mode.

A Monochromatic World

One of the most interesting and creative features of the F17 Pro is the AI Colour Portrait mode. It captures the subjects in vibrant colours while turning the background into contrasting black and white shades. With the help of the AI algorithm, the mode accurately differentiates between people and the background. I was quite surprised to see how precise the mode is. Even against a cluttered background, the phone accurately blurred out the background and ensured that the subject stands out. Whether it was used indoor with artificial lights, or outdoors with natural light, the mode performed excellently well. Most importantly, it will enable you to capture voguish portraits.

AI Night Flare Portrait mode.

Starry Nights 

Whenever one thinks of capturing night portraits with beautiful bokeh, the only option that comes to mind is a professional camera and a lens. But now, with the OPPO F17 Pro’s AI Night Flare Portrait, users have a unique opportunity to make exquisite photographs with flare effect. This feature combines the bokeh effect and the lowlight HDR algorithm to brighten up the portraits in dimly lit environments while adding bokeh in the backdrop. It will also enhance the skin tone of the subject for better quality. This is one of my most favourite modes of the phone as it turns any backdrop into a breath-taking scene. It also produces colourful, sharp portraits in dimly lit situations. For instance, my terrace lacks any source of light. So I carried a small torch, which was just enough to make a stunning photograph.

AI Super Clear Portrait mode.

God of Small Things

Details are very crucial for any photograph, as it adds a nuanced layer to your narrative. OPPO understands the significance of every minute intricacy that goes into the making of a portrait. Considering this, the company has introduced AI Super Clear Portrait mode that uses AI facial reconstruction technology to enhance features to provide clear results. To test this, I chose to photograph my subject at dusk, on a windy day. Although her face is partially obscured with hair and the camera constantly shook due to the wind, the photographs looked really spectacular. Her features, the detail of her hair, and even the buildings in the background are quite sharp. The mode also ensures that there are enough details in the highlights and shadows of the image, which you can always retrieve while editing.

AI Super Night Portrait mode.

Bring on the Night

To capture selfies in low light such as a club or underneath a street lamp, the F17 Pro has included the AI Super Night Portrait mode for clearer images. This mode utilises a series of AI algorithms such as HDR, facial recognition, and highlight suppression for brighter, colourful portraits. I tried this mode in two different situations and I was really impressed by the photographs. In the first scene, I shot portraits where the shadows of surrounding trees were covering the person’s face. In the other image, the person was standing against a dark bush. In both situations, the light was extremely low but the photographs were crisp and the colour tone was true to life. The phone brightened up the facial features, without overexposing the background.

Dual Lens Bokeh.

Ethereal Portraits

What is better than capturing selfies with shallow depth of field, as well as bokeh? The F17 Pro’s Dual Lens Bokeh delivers amazing results, even with multiple people in the frame. The phone will produce similar results while recording videos too. Here, I decided to use flowers and plants both in the foreground and the background. It retains every intricate detail within the frame including the nose ring, fine hair, the texture of the clothes, or even tattoos. The images were created on a cloudy day with light drizzle. But even in this condition, the bokeh and depth of field was extremely smooth and even. Even the details around the subject stood out really well.

AI Beautification 2.0.

Flaunt Your Glow

The AI Beautification 2.0 has been specifically designed for varied Indian skintones. The mode enhances the natural complexion, without whitening the skin of the subject. I wanted to show how well the mode performs, so I made a few portraits with different Indian complexions. As stated, the phone does not whiten the skin but rather smoothens it slightly, which creates a stunning, warm glow on the person’s face. The details of facial hair and finer hair on the hands were exceedingly rich and accurate. Additionally, the mode also retains the details and textures in the background.

My experience of shooting with the F17 Pro under varied conditions was superb and it’s a classy, must-have device for all those who would like to #FlauntitYourWay.

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