Sharp Enough?


When I am editing my photographs for sharpness, I tend to wonder whether IĀ overdo it. Is there anyway of making sure that the sharpening is non-destructive?
Ritu Mehla, Chandigarh, via email

To begin with, decide whether you are going to be making a relatively large print or whether you are going to upload it online at a certain resolution. The first step is to view the image at 100% of the resolution and size required for final viewing. This will help you determine whether the image needs any sharpening at all. ForĀ instance, if you intend to upload a low resolution version on the web, the file may seem sharp enough at viewing size.

However, at larger resolutions, the file may need to be sharpened to get tack sharp details. At 100% sharpening should not produce white halos around the edges of the sharpened areas. Sometimes, you might only need to sharpen one specific area. So, instead of subjecting the entire image to oversharpening and halos, work only on the area that needs to be sharpened.

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