Resizing Images on a Phone


Is there any easy way to resize images on a smartphone? I am asking you this because in certain situations, I can’t email a full resolution file as it can be rather heavy.
Satyarth Menon, Mumbai, via email

You can view the image at fullscreen on the phone and then take a screenshot. The image that you get will be of the same size as the screen’s dimensions. So, if you have a phone with a Full HD screen, then the screenshot that you get will measure 1920 x 1080px. However, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

One, wait for a second or two till all the buttons and menu options that are overlayed on the image disappear, else they will show up in the screenshot. Second, if you crop the image in any way or if the aspect ratio that you shoot in doesn’t match the screen, black borders will show up on the edges of the image.

In this case, just use one of the many free resizing apps that are available. Apps like Photo Resizer (Android) or Simple Resize (iOS) have an easy to use interface and are quite speedy. Alternatively, while processing the images in apps like Photoshop Touch (Android, iOS), you can choose an output resolution before saving.

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