Underwater Photography


Can I use a DSLR with a waterproof case for underwater photography? How foolproof is it?
Swati Kulkarni, Nagpur

Yes, you can use what is called an ‘underwater housing’ when you want to use your DSLR for underwater photography at great depths. It is a metal or plastic case, usually modelled to fit a specific camera, and uses silicone O-rings to create a watertight seal at the joints. Each of them is designed with a rear window to look through the viewfinder and also a way to access the most important functions on the camera’s body.

It is also equipped with one or two strobe connectors, big handles and buttons and multiple arms for accessories required to shoot under water. Additionally, underwater housings are usually equipped with a port for the default kit lens of the DSLR. However, not all manufacturers provide a suitable port for every lens, so it is important to check whether the housing supports your lens.

Effectively, an underwater housing will ensure that you can use your DSLR under water, without letting in any water or getting affected by the pressure. Depending on which DSLR you use, you can explore products from companies like Ikelite, Sea & Sea or look at options from the camera company itself. However, if you do not intend to use one for long-term or professional use, it is advisable to invest in a less expensive option like a digital compact camera with housings.

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