RAW Conversion to JPEG


I shoot RAW images, process them and then convert the images to JPEG files. Please explain the difference between an in-camera JPEG and a JPEG file converted from RAW.
R.B.Patil, via email

A RAW image contains a lot more tonal data than a JPEG file, but you need to process the image to bring out this data. RAW files give you freedom in terms of editing the images. Not only can you edit your image with more finesse, but the image quality will not suffer, even if you edit the image extensively.

Hence, a RAW file that is optimally processed and converted to a JPEG file, has richer tonality than a JPEG formed within the camera. Of course, this difference exists only if you optimally edit the RAW data. A direct conversion from RAW to JPEG will only apply the default settings of the camera that were set at time of capture.

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