Optimising Facebook Uploads


I recently uploaded my pictures on Facebook and realised that they do not look as sharp as they ought to be. How do I prevent this loss of quality?
Srinivas Rao, Chennai, via e-mail

This is a problem commonly faced by a lot of people. The reason why it occurs is that though your picture may be of high resolution and quality, it is not optimised for the internet when it is uploaded. This causes compression artifacts and an apparent loss of quality. For example, Facebook has two upload options—Normal and High Resolution. We would usually recommend most people to choose the former option to protect your images from any theft. However, this means that the picture is automatically downsized to 720pixels, a conversion that the website does on its own. In cases like these, you can get far better quality when you do the downsizing yourself. Resize the image in a software like Photoshop or IrfanView, and set the quality as around 80–90% (a value of 8–10 in Photoshop). This will ensure that the photograph is not too heavy, but does not have any ugly compression artifacts or moiré.

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