Joining Agencies


This story was originally published in May 2014.

I want to know how one can join organisations like Getty. I have seen a lot of Indian photographers covering events under them. How do we work under them? How do we get paid?
Puneet Dembla, Indore

Getty Images is a stock photography agency which licenses images online. If you wish to join the agency, you have to submit your work to them at this link— Once you send them photos, they will review your work to see if they consider it saleable. If you meet their requirements, they will offer you a contract, and you will have to then decide whether you wish to license your photos to them. Depending upon the contract you manage to get, you will receive your payment—depending on the percentage of each licensing fee the agency or a distributor charges for use of your image. Getty has recently started sourcing photographs from the photo-sharing website Flickr. You can submit 12 photographs inthe ‘Getty Images Call for Artists’ group on Flickr, where the administrators follow similar selection procedures.

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