Inbuilt Sensor Cleaner


Most of today’s DSLRs claim to feature an inbuilt sensor cleaning technology. Is it worth depending on this technology, or is it better to go to an authorised service centre for intermittent sensor cleaning?
Vijayakumar B Musale, Kolhapur

Yes, it is worth depending on this technology. The inbuilt sensor cleaner reduces the amount of dust that is closest to the sensor. But do remember that it might not work in extreme conditions like when you are shooting in a very dusty location. You can clean the sensor yourself too by using a blower, but you have to take extreme care while attempting to do so. So it is best to take good care of your equipment and clean it regularly. In case you find that there is a lot of dust accumulated on the sensor, we recommend that you take your camera to an authorised service centre and let them do the cleaning for you.

This article originally appeared in the February 2015 issue of Better Photography.

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