In-Camera Multiple Exposure


I use a regular compact camera. Can I click multiple exposure images with this camera without resorting to any software editing?
Prasad B Krishnapurkar
, via email

While some cameras allow you to shoot in-camera multiple exposures, you can capture such images even if your camera does not have this function by trying a few simple tricks.

Focus on the subject and keep a long shutterspeed of around 15sec. Now, cover half the frame with black paper and ask your subject to stand in the other half that is being exposed. After half the exposure time, shift the paperso that the other half of the lens is covered. Accordingly, ask your subject to move.

Alternatively, you can shoot in a darkened room by using an external flash. Set a long shutterspeed and release the shutter. Fire a flash on the subject after the shutter has been released. Then, ask the subject to move and fire the flash again. If you do not have an external flash, you can always achieve the same result using light painting. Instead of a flash, you can use a powerful torch to brighten up your subject. However, while using a torch, it is important for the subject to stay extremely still while the torch is switched on, to prevent any blur.

This article originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of Better Photography.

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