Freelance Photojournalism


Do I need to get a license or registration to do freelance photojournalism?
Umesh Pherwani, via email

This article was originally published in December 2014.

If you wish to do freelance photojournalism, then a license or registration of any kind is not required. However, there are many advantages of being associated with a media house or a newspaper. As part of your affiliation with them, you will have an ID card identifying you as a recognised photojournalist. The same applies when you get a membership with a recognised press club, which can be really helpful if you wish to cover events around your city or in public spaces. You will also have access to places that are closed to the general public. Moreover, government officers and event organisers will be a lot more comfortable having you around, knowing that you are a valid photojournalist and not somebody who is simply snooping around.

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