Protection from Dirt


While changing the lens on field, which taking pictures in the city or any outdoors, there are dust particles that enter the camera lens and sensor/mirror area. This shows up as spots. Are there any tips on changing lenses without letting dust in?
Nisha, via email

While you cannot completely block dust from getting into the camera, you can make use of a few tips to minimise the collection of dust particles. Try not to change lenses in dusty, windy locations. When you have removed the lens, keep the camera body in such a way that the lens mount is facing downwards. Alternatively, carry a plastic bag with you and change lenses inside the bag. Always use lens caps and body caps for storage. Regularly clean lenses, and pay attention to the metallic mounting ring. Clean your camera bag periodically. Additionally, make use of the automatic sensor cleaning option in your camera’s menu, which is pretty effective.

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