Camera Shake


I often find my photographs looking very blurry when I shoot indoors. Why is this happening? What am I doing wrong?
Jasmeet Nanade, Nashik

Using a sturdy tripod is one way in which camera shake can be avoided.

Using a sturdy tripod is one way in which camera shake can be avoided.

The reason why your images look blurry could be because of camera shake. Sometimes, involuntary body movements can pass on to the camera while you are composing your pictures. This leads to the camera shaking and causes a blurry image. Camera shake occurs more in low light levels because the camera needs a slower shutterspeed to achieve the correct exposure.

However, you can avoid this and shoot tack sharp images by using certain techniques. The simplest way of completely eliminating camerashake is to invest in a tripod. However, this may not be practical for certain purposes. If you cannot use a tripod, take a deep breath and hold it till you have shot the image. Since your breathing is restricted, the camera movement will reduce as well.

You can also try resting your elbows against a sturdy surface and shoot. If your camera allows it, you can switch on the Image Stabilisation function—it will help inreducing the amount of camera shake. Since the light levels are low, you can try using awide aperture like f/2.8 and increase the shutterspeed value, such that you can easily handhold the image. You can also increase the ISO level—this may lead to some noise, but you will at least get a sharp shot. Alternatively,underexpose your photo slightly, and then brighten the image in a software like Picasa or Adobe Photoshop.


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