Use of Borders


While giving the finishing touches to a photo, I get confused whether it needs a border or not?
Sangram Keshari Das Mohapatra, Orrisa

This story was originally published in September 2014.

Borders can help enhance a photograph if used well. Most of the software available today in the market allow you to create different borders. Ideally a border should be subtle and not deviate the viewer from the photograph. Usually, a thin border is a better option as compared to a thick border as thick borders tend to be distracting. Apart from the thickness, it is also important that you decide the colour of the border. If the edges of the photo are white, a white border will get merged with the picture. Similarly, images that have dark edges will get merged with a black border. If you wish to move away from the norm and be creative, try borders of more than one colour to add a retro look. Alternatively, you can also create borders out of patterns and shapes.

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