Avoiding Noise


When I shoot images in low light conditions with my Canon Powershot SX10 IS, I get very noisy photographs. Using a UV filter does not help either. Please help me to overcome this problem.
Arup Das, via email

If you are shooting in Auto mode, your digital camera will choose a high ISO setting in low light, making the image noisier. In such situations, change the ISO manually or use a Scene Mode like the Night Landscape mode. This will make the camera use a low ISO and consequently, a long shutterspeed. This is why it will be worth investing in a light tripod on which you can use the SX10 IS. You can also reduce noise further in postprocessing. Use the Noise Reduction filter in Photoshop or use a noise-reduction software like Topaz DeNoise and Noise Ninja. Do remember that too much processing in a noise-reduction software will affect sharpness—it is important to strike the right balance between removal of noise and retention of detail. A UV Filter does not affect the characteristics and amount of noise in any way.

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