Different Aspect Ratios


I want to experiment with square images and also want to shoot in the 16:9 aspect ratio. I want to know how the images will look, before I release the shutter.
Tamilasaran Rathinagari, via email

Most viewfinders show you a traditional 3:2 or 4:3 view of the scene. However, there are a few ways to check how a square frame would look in-camera or even what the final crop would look like. Switch on Live View and put masking tape on the LCD so that a square-ish area is visible. If you wish to shoot in the 16:9 format, then you can use the top and bottom focus points visible in the viewfinder, as your gridlines or guidelines. Anything above and below these focus points is likely to be cropped. So, you can compose your frame in the space available between these points.

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