Professional Timelapses?


I love making timelapse photographs and I am interested in taking it up professionally. Is there a market for it in India?
Spruha Mehta, Surat, via email

This story was originally published in July 2014.

There isn’t a defined market as such for professional timelapse photography. However, there would be people like scientists, movie producers, travel documentary makers and others who might require timelapse photographs. Having said that, if you have the skill and confidence, then go ahead and take the initiative to create a market for timelapse photography.

Here’s a tip—use websites, blogs and social media sites like Instagram and Vimeo to broadcast your work. Only then will they understand the different things that can be done with timelapses.

For instance, there was never a market for candid wedding photography until someone created it, and today it is a well known profession!

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