Break Out of Boundaries!


Chhaya Pandey transforms two-dimensional photographs into striking creations with the Out of Bounds feature of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

Remember old picture books in which cutout images would pop out at you? What would it be like to replicate this ‘pop-out’ effect for digital images? The Out of Bounds feature in Photoshop Elements 9 helps you do just that with the help of a few steps! However, you need to select the correct subject and position the frame accordingly. You can download the 30-day trial version of Photoshop Elements 9 at

Tools Used
1. Out of Bounds option under Fun Edits
2. Quick Selection Tool
3. Stylize Option
4. Add a Gradient Option (In Photoshop Elements 9)

Skill Level

1 GO OUT OF BOUNDS: Choose an image which would look good as a pop out and open it in Photoshop Elements 9. Go to Guided Edit option. In the Guided Edit panel, scroll down to reveal a list of Fun Edits and select Out of Bounds from this list.

2 ADD A FRAME: The Guided Edit option lets you see a step-by-step description on the right hand side panel. The first step would be to Add a Frame. Just click the add frame button and the frame will be added at a default position.

3 RESIZE THE FRAME: Move the frame so that the area that needs to be popping out is located outside the frame. You will see a green tick to commit changes, but do not click on it right now. We still need to create the magical 3D effect!

4 ADD A SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE: Hold down the Alt+Ctrl+Shift keys and you will see the cursor turn into an arrow head. Click one of the bottom corners of the frame and drag it outwards to achieve perspective. Click on the green tick.

5 INCREASE THE WIDTH OF THE FRAME: To add some width to the frame, click and drag the handlebars surrounding the frame. Adjust them to the desired width and then commit the change by clicking on the green tick mark.

6 MAKING TRICKY SELECTIONS: Click on the Quick Selection Tool icon. Once the tool is selected, click and drag the area that needs to stand out in the final image. Make sure that all the parts lying outside the frame are selected.

7 MAKE AN OUT OF BOUNDS IMAGE: Once you have made the selection, click on Create Out of Bounds. Voilà! The selected part will pop out of the image giving it a 3D effect. However, to create more drama, you can add a few other tweaks.

8 FINAL TWEAKS AND ADDITIONS: You can give the image a sense of depth by adding a shadow. To do this, click on Small, Medium or Large options under the Stylize tab. Finally, to add a gradient to the background, click on the Add Gradient button.

Tags: Digital technique, photoshop, photoshop elements 9