Motivation for Personal Projects


How can I continue to be inspired and motivated for my projects?

Answer by: Sudhir Shivaram, Wildlife Photographer and Educator

The soul for all work is passion and inspiration. When passion is a part of your profession, then work is no longer work. You start enjoying every moment of what you are doing. But there are times when you feel you are heading nowhere, even after putting in effort. Or there are situations where you feel heavily demotivated, and you would like to drop everything and run off somewhere. This is quite normal and a part of the package.

I have faced these situations, and the best approach is to take a step back and rethink what you are doing. Take a break and get involved in something totally different. It is of no use to take things forward or make decisions when you are upset over what you are doing.

With a relaxed mind, retrace the purpose of the project, one step at a time, as well as talk to someone who understands you. You need to speak your heart out. Take another step back and start all over again, and answer the question that deals with what you are trying to achieve, with a cool mind. Get back to the execution plan, with only that particular project in mind. It will help you to return on track, and continue with what you are doing.

Remember, demotivation is quite normal. What’s important is never giving up. Sometimes, changing the way you do things is all that it takes to make it work. Being a wildlife photographer, I very much believe in the saying, “Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better!” Being in nature relaxes, inspires, and rejuvenates me. I would strongly recommend that you to try this.

Above all, the ultimate inspiration is your satisfaction of following your passion. Just go for it. Good luck!

This article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of Better Photography.