Maintain Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries


How do I maintain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries? There are contradictory methods online. Please advise.

Answer by: Gurinder Osan, Photo Editor, Press Trust of India
Battery technology has come a long way. Lithium-ion are hassle-free and friendly. However, there are some rules of thumb that are handy in prolonging the longevity of the battery. The basics first… When you buy new ones, they come with a fifteen percent to twenty percent charge. Using only the original charger, as it is best matched, and charge it to the fullest. Avoid overcharging. Most good brands’ circuit auto-cut at the ideal ninety percent, even if it displays it as hundred percent. Also, avoid ‘fast’ third-party chargers, which may reduce life and overall efficiency. Spare batteries should ideally be stored in a case to prevent damage to their contacts, or worse, a short circuit between them.

Avoid in-between charges, as it adds to the charge-cycle count and reduces their efficient life. Charge before the battery reaches zero percent. Just as it completes charging, the on-board circuit ensures that the actual charge never drops to zero percent, as it may actually ‘die’ in that zone. Many recent cameras allow a ‘running charge’, which allows you to shoot, as the camera charges through a USB port, which is quite useful when shooting a video or a long time-lapse. Do ensure that cameras, battery chargers or battery packs are well ventilated when being used. Avoid storage in either extreme hot or cold temperatures. Lastly, do not drop the battery, as it can cause irreversible internal damage.