Layering Your Photographs


How significant is it to add layers of different narratives in my photographs?

Answer by: Zishaan A Latif, Photographer and Filmmaker

Some of the most significant photographs are in reality perceived to be singular—focused on one element—which gives away the meaning straight up, but deceiving you to believe it’s as simple as it looks. It’s deeply entrenched in a larger meaning or layered with emotion or action. However, this comes with time and energy spent in developing your eye with one’s intellect or witticism, which is reflected in your craftsmanship with your chosen medium.

Time, patience, and connecting to all your senses is the key to layering substantial meaning to one’s photography. You might begin slow and literal, but will soon realise you gravitate towards experimenting with aspects of the world that surrounds you, instinctively and intuitively, guided by your subconscious mind.

So, go with the flow. The worst form of blasphemy is not listening to your gut, when in the midst of creation. Listen and photograph. You will be pleasantly surprised by your effective, creative harvest. And in the end, it’s you, the photographer, who can decide if a singular layer or multiple layers advance your intentional narrative. After all, one’s singular is the other’s multiple.